Timeshare Relief Team was founded on the belief that not everyone in this industry has to be corrupt, and that timeshare owners have a real need. “The truth is, I would never want to have to sit in front of or do business with the people you see in this industry.” – Jordan Sportsman, President of TRT. “What we’ve created, is a real, transparent and reliable option for people who have had no viable option. Even the big names in this line of work aren’t getting results, and people have had nowhere to turn.”

We know what you’re thinking; “Oh yeah, someone else that’s ‘different’ and going to help us….” Right? We understand that. We understand what you’ve already been through, and what you’ve experienced since owning a timeshare. We’ve heard of all the scams and fly by nights, and all the others that have been hounding you over the phone the last few years. We’re completely different and we won’t ask anyone to take our word for it. Our actions, accomplishments and track record speak far louder than words.

You’ve heard it all before.

‘We’ll help you sell it!’

‘We’ll help you rent it!’

‘You just need to buy more points!’

‘We’re going to trade you out of that ‘old system’ timeshare and give you the all new points system!’

We don’t do any of these. We don’t buy, rent, sell, trade, upgrade or anything like that. In fact, we didn’t even start this business focused on the timeshare realm at all.


We help people that have been lied to or coerced into buying a timeshare use their consumer protection rights and consumer protection laws, to legally cancel the contract they signed based on misrepresentations. What makes us different? A lot of things. But one of the biggest is a panel of specialists including fraud examiners, attorneys, and very experienced people in the field that review your case after all the details are gathered and decide whether we can successfully represent you or not. If you’re qualified, which means we can accept your case, it’s guaranteed to you that we will get you out of the contractual obligations, and depending on how strong your case is, there’s even a chance our experts will be able to help you recover some of the money you’ve already paid into the resort.

Timeshare Relief Team was started when we realized there was not a legitimate or viable option to freedom from unwanted, or misrepresented timeshare. We’re Contract Cancellation Specialists that help build a case on your behalf based around fraud, misrepresentation, deceptive sales practice, and breaches of contract. We’re real people, providing real results, and taking the highest level of consideration in our clients’ situations to help them find relief.

When we say you’re qualified and you choose to acquire our services, our representatives will make an audio/video recording of our closing and any promises we’re making you. This includes any fees associated, timeframes of the services we’re offering, and signing a money back guarantee agreement on the video. They’ll then put a copy of that video on a Timeshare Relief Team flash drive, and leave it with you so that there’s no chance of misunderstandings. We make everything we do as transparent as possible because again, we know what you’ve been through. For all our clients met abroad that choose to acquire our services, we also gift you a complimentary 3 day / 2 night trip to Springfield, Mo just to visit our office, meet our staff, and see first hand the operation that’s going to provide you results.

Our company is based on high morals, strong ethics, family and handshakes.


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